The Self-Obliterating Professor

In an Observer piece for The Chronicle of Higher Education The Self-Obliterating Professor Doug Anderson, a professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale IL USA opines,

"The sooner a teacher makes himself useless the better. It is a great fault with some teachers that they may remain always necessary. I do not wish to count among these, but hope to be obliterated."

Those words were written in 1899 by the dying Thomas Davidson of the Glenmore Summer School for the Culture Sciences, He wrote them to his colleagues, inviting them to come be with him for study.

These are noble sentiments and yet we in the professorate need to get out of the way for others to continue the change we brought to the teaching profession.  These words are worthy of our attention and reflection and future generations are worthy of our respect.

Anderson goes on to conclude that, "All a teacher can do is present and inspire. And teachers who are not continually learning and questioning their convictions in and out of the classroom are not teachers at all but salespeople — `truth' mongers."

SIMIODE gives teachers a chance to learn and question and that is our purpose and our legacy. Come learn and question with us.

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