Feb 2016

  1. Joy in Refereeing

    Jeet Mozumdar, Quantitative Strategist/Analyst/Researcher and Independent Consultant writes, "It has been a pleasure to review the submissions at SIMIODE. A mathematical model is a beauty, because, just like the Mona Lisa, it is imperfect! "I wish I had opportunities to design...

  2. The Self-Obliterating Professor

    In an Observer piece for The Chronicle of Higher Education The Self-Obliterating Professor Doug Anderson, a professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale IL USA opines, "The sooner a teacher makes himself useless the better. It is a great fault with some teachers...

  3. Transforming Higher Education without Tears

    At David E. Goldberg of Therapy Associates writes about Normal and Deep Transformative Change. the Normal change column we all know and have been practicing. However, the Deep Transformative Change Column is really that, namely, deep!  Here are the Deep Transformative Change...

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