Visiting in Klamath Falls Oregon - Beams, Beads, Technical Staff Personnel

In our travels surrounding the Joint Mathematics Meetings of January 2016 in Seattle WA we have been visiting colleagues in Washington and Oregon. We had a wonderful visit with Tiernan Fogerty and Gregg Waterman at Oregon Institute of Technology. Tiernan attended our SIMIODE Minicourse at the Portland MathFest of 2014 and our SIMIODE West Developers Workshop at Carroll College, Helena MT, this past summer.  The collegial mathematics faculty at Oregon Tech make me want to come out of retirement and join a formal, day to day team such as they have at Oregon Tech.

Both Tiernan and Gregg are working on modeling scenarios to submit to SIMIODE - one on beam bending leading to the beam equation and one on bean mixing to simulate real mixing and the attendant differential equations. It was rewarding and wonderful to visit colleagues in their home setting and Klamath Falls is a beautiful home setting in the mountains of SouthWest Oregon.

At Oregon Tech Gregg and Tiernan have access to exceptional machining equipment and talented technical staff folks to make and develop equipment for collecting data.  We should never forget the support staffs at our schools as a resource to help us in many ways, either in building or modifying (often old, unwanted pieces) equipment for experiments or setting up experiments for data collection and analysis.

So I encourage all to visit colleagues at other campuses, be it across town or across the country and share in person your passion,. For while SIMIODE is attempting to provide a way to keep in touch and develop ideas nothing beats a personal visit, especially if the hosts are as gracious as I found in Gregg Waterman and Tiernan Fogerty at Oregon Institute of Technology.

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