SIMIODE At Joint Mathematics Meetings 2016

SIMIODE at The Joint Mathematics Meetings, Seattle WA USA, 6-10 January 2016

SIMIODE will have a strong presence at the JMM. Come join us at these events and activities and read about our work in our meeting flyer from your registration packet,

SIMIODE Exhibit Hall Booth
As we did at MathFest 2015 in Washington DC SIMIODE will host a booth in prime display territory in the Exhibit Hall, Booth 420. Stop by and register for chance to win a cool SIMIODE T-shirt, sample literature, and take home examples of Modeling Scenarios for colleagues. Better yet, bring along a colleague so we can help share the news.

SIMIODE Open House
We will host an Open House with tasty refreshments for attendees of JMM and there will be an announcement in the program for this event. We will have more opportunities to win a cool SIMIODE T-shirt. This will be a chance to network and meet others who are interested in teaching differential equations using modeling. We plan several discussion/focus group tables in which you can join the conversation to make SIMIODE a better offering.


Check out our calendar on the home page at for more details.

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