The m&m's went great again, as usual! Such a fantastic way to start the semester. I have switched to an open source book with less theory in it, so I am hoping to get even more modeling in this semester. And I have had students already ask great questions like "what does a differential equation look like with a real upper limit to population?"That's what modeling does - it makes them actually think outside of just the steps to solving questions to get the answers in the back of the book!" … › more

Dina Yagodich Dina Yagodich Mathematics, Frederick Community College, Frederick MD USA

This thought comes from a student in an entrepreneurship class in an Eastern United States liberal arts college. "It is clear to see where each number is coming from and why it is being used. I would have the math department teach the basics, but also incorporate applic … › more

Brian Winkel Brian Winkel PROF Emeritus - Dept Math Sci, United States Military Academy, West Point NY 10996 USA

Today was Poster day at BMCC. Meaning all the students doing honors projects and research projects had their posters on display. It is my favorite day of the year (academically) and I am always so proud of our students. One project involved a track with an accelerometer … › more

Chris McCarthy Chris McCarthy Mathematics, Borough of Manhattan Community College – CUNY, New York NY

I must say a hearty AMEN! The biggest problem I saw in my time as a student as well as an instructor was that there needs to be more of an application approach to differential equations. Recalling my time as an undergraduate I took nearly two … › more

Kevin Romano Kevin Romano COL USARMY CAC (US), former faculty member Dept Math Sci, United States Military Academy, West Point

In my class evaluations, students were asked "What class assignment or activity did you find to be the most useful?" One student answered, "Believe it or not, the M&M activity on the first day of class really stood out to me. It helped show the … › more

Dina Yagodich Dina Yagodich Department of Mathematics, Frederick Community College, Frederick, MD 21702 USA

Followers of Systematic Initiative for Modeling Investigations and Opportunities with Differential Equations (SIMIODE) will be familiar with the use of M&M candies to model a population with deaths and immigration. We discuss its successful use in a differential equations course and at a Math Circle meeting … › more

John Thomas Sieben John Thomas Sieben Mathematics, Texas Lutheran University, Seguin TX USA

We quite immodestly put for this testimony of our work. In the Foreward to the book, Doing the Scholarship of Teac hing and Learning in Mathematics, edited by Jacqueline M. Dewar and Curtis D. Bennett and published in 2015 by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). David Bressoud, former President of the MAA, says … › more

Brian Winkel Brian Winkel SIMIODE, Cornwall NY USA