<p>Today was Poster day at BMCC. Meaning all the students doing honors projects and research projects had their posters on display. It is my favorite day of the year (academically) and I am always so proud of our students. One project involved a track with an accelerometer and a force-meter (see http://www.vernier.com/products/lab-equipment/dynamics/vds/). The team had the track hooked up to a computer, which plotted the force (y) vs the acceleration (x) and this showed a linear relation going through the origin, (i.e. F = ma). I think Newton would have loved it. I was talking to one of the student&#39;s presenting the project. He had the track in front of him and was demonstrating it. I asked him if he liked it. He said something like, &quot;This is great, because in class we just have equations and tables with numbers, but this is like. . . I can see it, I can understand it. It makes the equation real. I get it. And it is aesthetically beautiful. Just look at the screen.&quot; The screen just showed a bunch of points in a straight line, but it was beautiful, if you knew what it meant.</p>

Chris McCarthy Chris McCarthy Mathematics, Borough of Manhattan Community College – CUNY, New York NY