Author Information and Double-Blind Peer Review System

Modeling Scenarios and Technique Narratives, the core resources of SIMIODE, go through our peer review process. Other resources can be contributed directly. During the submission process you'll upload your work, and include an abstract, supporting files, etc. Please submit your files to SIMIODE by email to as attachments.

Submission Information for Modeling Scenarios & Technique Narratives

Thank you for contributing your ideas and materials to SIMIODE. Basically we seek two versions of any scenario (1) for the Student and (2) for the Teacher. Since the Teacher Version will contain the content of the Student Version in the form of STATEMENT up front it is sufficient to submit the Teacher Version and any supplementary materials you might offer. The Teacher Version will also contain a COMMENTS section after the STATEMENT which is only for the Teacher. While we would like all final published scenarios to be in LaTeX with a pdf version for member use, using the format we provide, this initial submission for review can be in any presentation software you wish provided you conform to the format offered below and you offer an anonymous pdf version as well for referee reads. The same applies to any supplements, e.g., Mathematica notebook, Maple worksheet, EXCEL spreadsheet, etc.

Again, submit your files to SIMIODE by email to as attachments. The main complete file for consideration should be totally anonymous. We offer a double-blind, peer-reviewed editorial process for producing quality materials for online publication in the SIMIODE community.

Final Templates for Accepted Material

If you are using LaTeX then please download this template. It has a toggle in it to produce a Student or Teacher Version of your work with the default toggle being for Teacher Version production.

SIMIODETemplate-LaTeX-TeacherORStudent.tex (along with the pdf version)

You will also need the simiode.cls file for LaTeX submissions and the jpg graphic SimiodeLogo for the header.

If you are using WORD download this template.

SIMIODETemplate-WORD-TeacherORStudent.doc (along with the pdf version)

Response Time

We attempt to get three referee reads on all material and we give the referees 6-8 weeks. Therefore, we hope to have a decision with suggestions and improvement ideas within 8-12 weeks. We look forward to sharing your good ideas with colleagues and students in the SIMIODE community.

Thank you very much for your contribution.

Referee/Reviewer Contributions

We invite you to serve as a Referee/Reviewer of materials submitted to SIMIODE. What you offer both the author and the student downstream is invaluable and we very much appreciate what you can do to make SIMIODE materials of very high quality. We use a double-blind, peer-reviewed system. You can register to serve in this way by writing directly to and indicate your interest in serving as a referee for our peer-reviewed submissions.

Thank you very much.

Brian Winkel, Director SIMIODE